We all have stories we’d like to pass along to our family and friends. Maybe you’d even like to tell the story of your life in a full-length autobiography. But you’ve never written something so personal before. How do you begin this daunting task?

Start with a manageable goal: one significant, beautifully told story.

As a participant in a From Memories to Memoir workshop, you’ll create and polish writing that communicates something essential about your life and experience. It could be funny, tragic, emotional, exciting, or perhaps all of the above. When the class is over, you’ll have at least one finished project to proudly share with whomever you want. And if you decide to participate in our annual anthology, you’ll see your work in print!

More about From Memories to Memoir:

* Total enrollment per workshop session is limited to ensure each participant gets a fair share of attention.

* Dates: Visit the Current Workshops page.

* What you’ll need to participate: Internet access (recommended); access to a computer (required); willingness to take chances with your own writing, and an open and generous attitude toward your fellow writers’ projects (absolutely required).

* Course tuition: Some of the workshops are underwritten by donations and are free of charge for participants. Others have a tuition charge based on length of time and expenses such as room rental.

I believe in the power of publication and public storytelling. So, although your story will never be repeated outside a workshop without your direct consent, I will give you an opportunity to publish your writing in an annual From Memories to Memoir anthology. I will also provide other options for sharing your work, such as participation in a story-telling performance.

If you’d like to know more about my coaching philosophy and credentials, go to the About me page. If you have further questions about the course, please send me a message via the Contact page.

You can also contact me at memory2memoir@barbspen.com for more information, including upcoming workshops.

I hope to have the opportunity to work with you!

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P.S. If you know someone else who would be interested in From Memories to Memoir, be sure to pass along a link to this webpage!

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