Reimagining Our Stories: Parenting in the Wake of Addiction

Sunrise imageSix-week workshop on Tuesdays, 6:30 – 8:30, beginning April 9th at Inn Along the Way, 741 Main St., Damariscotta. Cost: $60. FMI: Email a co-leader below.

Are you struggling with the emotional complexity of parenting a child who had or has a substance use disorder?

Being the parent of someone struggling with addiction is an intense experience that often leaves unrecognized painful and ambivalent emotions. By putting your experience into written words, you can construct a new perspective—discovering unrecognized strengths and reclaiming a sense of yourself as a parent—free from potent unspoken emotions like shame, remorse, and anger that may shadow your day-to-day existence.

As a participant in the workshop, Reimagining Our Stories: Parenting in the Wake of Addiction, you will have the opportunity to reexamine your experience as a parent of a child suffering from addiction. By engaging with your memory from a variety of perspectives and modalities, and listening to and learning from the stories of other workshop participants, you’ll gain fresh insight into your own story.

Reimagining Our Stories is a safe space in which to explore deep personal thoughts and experiences. For creativity to thrive, trust is essential. The number of participants is limited to six, and each is sworn to honor and uphold the confidentiality of each other’s writings. There’s no requirement to share your writing, but most participants choose to do so. In addition to trust, there is a feeling of community. By the end of the workshop, you will likely experience a sense of healing and the lightness of an emotional burden lifted.

Workshop Co-Leaders

Barbara Burt, M.Ed. (Boothbay Harbor) is a member of the Transformative Language Arts Network. She weaves her background in writing, editing, education, communications, leadership, and music into a tapestry of creative encouragement, attentive listening, and empathic caring. While not a therapist, she strongly believes in the therapeutic value of personal narrative. Previous participants have labeled their workshop experiences “enlightening,” “constructive,” “reaffirming,” and simply “wonderful.” For more information, email her at or visit her website at

Lisa Beth Hammer, MTS, LCSW (Nobleboro) is a practicing psychotherapist who integrates narrative and emotionally focused therapy into her clinical approach. A large focus of her practice is working with people in individual and group settings who have suffered traumatic and complex loss. She is interested in the ways that history, memory, and experience, when explored through writing, can bring clarity to a traumatic past. For more information, email her at or visit her website at

Lisa Hammer & Barbara Burt